Active holidays on the Dolomites

Come along with us for a unique experience in the mountains.

Active holidays are a new kind of journey dedicated to the ones who want to explore and live their free time with an attitude different from the tourist one. Contact with nature, pure landscapes, breathtaking panoramas you will never forget: that’s what active holidays are about.


Active Holidays on the Dolomites

Orizzonti Montani offers you the possibility to set off for wild adventures towards the most suggestive peaks of Italy, recognised by UNESCO.

You will live unforgettable sunsets, bucolic panoramas and if you are lucky, you might see also local animals: marmots, chamoises, deers, steinbocks,…

Winter Activities on the Dolomities

Alpine ski, Mountaineering ski, Snowshoeing, Freeride, Ski tours, Ice climbing, Winter Via Ferrata.

Attività estive sulle Dolomiti

Vie Ferrate, Trekking, Climbing, Biking, Climbing courses, Mountaineering ascents

How to live this new experience?

How to live this new experience? Diego Stefani will accompany you in this new kind of journey. He is an alpine guide and a ski mountaineering teacher.

He has got an incredible experience, he conquered 8000m in Tibet and Nepal (here with his wife and his 4-year old son!). He is the safest support to help you living fully your experience on the most beautiful mountains of the world.


Active holidays. For whom are they suitable?

For EVERYONE, or better, for all those who have got an idea of active holiday far from crowded touristic hit-and-run destinations. With our active holidays in The Dolomites you will find yourself in beautiful meadows, bucolic landscapes, you will walk in secular woods where you could meet deers, fawns and steinbocks.

Our staff will advise you the most suitable activities, based on your age, needs and physical preparation.

How to begin?

Text us how you imagine your active holiday, what you would like to do and see in the Dolomites.

We will handle the rest


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